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Fitness Unleashed offers a full spectrum of classes and programs to empower, educate, and improve the health of our clients. From personal training to unique small group fitness and nutrition coaching, we've got you covered.

We are committed to a holistic method of training that will not only enhance your physical abilities, but also create a balance among mental and spiritual dimensions of wellness. We believe a strong mind creates a strong body.


Personal Training

Private Sessions. Partner Sessions.

  • Unique personalized workout programs
  • Moves that gain maximum results in minimum time
  • Coaching on positive, permanent lifestyle changes
  • Nutrition/wellness coaching
  • Learn how to “DO IT RIGHT” and prevent injury
  • Nonstop motivation and empowerment
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Small Group Training

Sessions are limited to 6 clients at a time to give our clients the personal attention they deserve. This allows you to receive the "private session" atmosphere, at a fraction of the cost. We give attention to each person while maintaining the enthusiasm from a small group environment. The motivation of having a trainer and others working out with you pushes you to a new effort level!

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Nutrition Coaching

Nutrition is 70% of your success.

  • Real, life-changing, habit-based nutrition coaching
  • Daily lessons, often with assignments
  • Purposeful, structured sets of habits and lessons
  • Science-based, road-tested, tried-and-true tools used to effectively coach over 45,000 clients to more than 900,000 pounds of weight lost
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