These are our most frequently asked questions (FAQs). Check below to see if we've answered your question(s). If we haven't, please don't hesitate to contact us!

The gym down the street from me costs $39/month. Fitness Unleashed charges more than this for 4 weeks of classes. Why are you so expensive?

We actually believe we are quite a bargain. When you're paying $39/month at your local gym, you're paying for the use of the facility. That's it. That's all. The use of the facility. At Fitness Unleashed, you are paying for professional coaching. You are paying for intelligent and well applied programming to ensure that you get stronger, move better and don't get injured. Our small group training sessions are small, allowing us to give you personalized and individualized attention. We're able to make modifications to the movements/class sessions to meet your specific needs, so you always get the most out of your training session. Your time is valuable and we want you to get the most out of it.

At Fitness Unleashed, you get personal coaching in a group setting EVERY time you train. At the gym down the street, if you want personal training, you would pay roughly $80/session, plus your $39/month membership fee. If you scheduled 4 sessions/month, (1 session/week), that's $320 + $39/month membership fee = $359/month! Our unlimited small group training package is only $199/4 weeks and includes personal coaching EACH and EVERY time you come to class! Personal training starts at $45/hour.

Do I need to reserve a session ahead of time, or do I just show up?

Yes! You need to reserve your space for EACH session you plan to attend. Reservations can be made up to 24 hours prior to class start time. Reservations allow us to keep our class size small and give you the personalized attention you deserve.

We also ask that you cancel any reservation(s) you are unable to keep 24 hours prior to class start time so you won't lose a session count. Cancellations allow someone else to register for that class space, as well.

How long does each session last?

Each session duration is listed next to the class name/description. Class sessions are either 25 or 50 minutes.

 I want to lose weight. Which class should I choose?

Weight loss is primarily driven by nutrition. While exercise is certainly important within the context of weight loss, it is a distant second to proper nutrition. Each of our classes will support a good nutrition-based program (which we also offer), as they will help you build and retain muscle mass while you slim down.

I am a woman and feel like I bulk up REALLY fast and am scared to lift weights. Will your sessions make me bulky?

So...who's correct? What is the real story? The truth is, for the majority of women, adding a significant amount of muscle is very difficult. However, some women have a body type where they do carry more muscle mass than average and they can gain muscle mass more quickly than average. The main problem I see is, when a woman begins to gain muscle mass, and doesn't lose any body fat in the process, she'll look bigger. This is why nutrition plays such a key role. In order for most women to get the look they desire, they must gain some muscle to add curves in all the right places, and also lose body fat to show off the muscle they have gained.

Will I be very sore from these programs? I don't want to injure myself.

Every exercise that we can be modified to the individual. We encourage everyone to work hard, but more importantly, we want you to work smart and at their own pace. Compete only against yourself...not the person next to you! We always want you to keep improving. We will never ask you to push through joint pain or force you to keep going when you are so exhausted that your form is suffering. We encourage our clients to train smarter, not harder.

Your packages are sold with session counts. Does this mean I can only attend one class session per day?

No. You may attend as many sessions per day that you like (such as 2 sessions back to back or a morning and evening session). Every session is taken from your session count though, whether it's a 25 or 50 minute session. Most of our clients purchase the Unlimited package for this reason.

I have an injury. Can I still come and train?

We will modify movements around any limitations you may have while your injury heals.

Do I need to bring anything with me?

Yes! Bring plenty of water and a towel. You may want to bring fitness/lifting gloves to help protect your hands while training, as well as wrist guards. If attending the Cardio Conditioning Boxing class, bring your boxing gloves and wrist wraps.

What type of shoes should I wear?

Because we do a lot of kettlebell training, we suggest flat soled shoes if you have them ~ Chucks, Five Fingers, or lifting shoes, etc. If you only have sneakers, that's fine also, but a more flat, hard soled shoe is preferred. We suggest lifting shoes as a secondary pair to bring and use when we train with the barbell (power lifting and/or olympic lifting). Don't run out and buy them if you don't already own some! We'll give you suggestions/recommendations based on the classes you plan to attend or the specific type of training you're doing.

What is your weather/snow policy?

We are committed to keeping our doors open as much as possible so you can escape the cold and get in a great training session! This will in turn brighten your day and keep you motivated to continue achieving your health and fitness goals...even when the weather makes you want to curl up on the couch for days! 🙂

  • Your safety and our coaches' safety are always top of mind. We closely follow the weather forecast and will make cancellation decisions when necessary.
  • Should we need to cancel a class or classes, we will contact any registered for those classes no less than 45 minutes before the start of class. We will email you and text you. Please login to our online scheduler and update the cell phone field, so we may contact your should the need arise.
  • Additionally, we will always update our online scheduler to reflect "cancelled"  for any classes we aren't holding.
  • If you were registered for a class that was cancelled, the credit will be returned to your account for you to use at another class.
  • If Fitness Unleashed is open, our cancellation policy remains in effect. Please plan accordingly if you are coming to class. Allow extra time for shoveling, safe driving, traffic, etc.
  • We do not typically cancel classes just because schools are closed.
We are unable to make exceptions to our policy every time it snows.