The Importance of Nutrition.

Physical fitness is only one side of the body shaping equation...and there is no cookie cutter solution. Most diet plans are like trying to stop a water leak with bubblegum. 95% of the time, it won't work for the long term. It can't be stressed enough how important it is to find a sustainable way of eating. Add in a sustainable exercise plan, and you'll have if figured out! To reach your specific goals, you'll learn new (or alter old) habits that you can use for the rest of your life... instead of "dieting". Weight loss is a destination, but maintenance is a journey.


The importance of a good nutritional plan can’t be understated. You can have the best workout system and plan, but it can fall by the wayside with bad or even incorrect nutrition. We work with you to create an easy and enjoyable nutritional plan that you’ll simply love following.

To get started, you'll register online, and once your account is activated, you'll fill out a comprehensive intake/assessment form. After completing, you will begin receiving: daily emails, habits, habit checks, lessons and assignments, along with active feedback and guidance. The program is designed to give you world-class, habit-based nutrition coaching in an automated and affordable way.

Together, we find what works for you, and then hold you accountable and help you be consistent. With your consistency, we can ensure you get healthier, fitter and happier with your body than you ever thought possible.



Personal Training Clients

As a personal training client, the nutrition coaching is included in your package.

Small Group Clients

As a small group client, the nutrition coaching is discounted at $27 per month with autopay.

(Online) Nutrition Coaching ONLY

As an online coaching client, the monthly fee is $67 on autopay.