Private Personal Training

When you invest in personal training at Fitness Unleashed, you invest in yourself: body, mind, and spirit!

There's no better way to reach your fitness goals than to work exclusively with a qualified trainer at Fitness Unleashed. Whether you want to improve your health, gain energy, change your body, lose weight, build muscle or enhance your sports performance, we have the tools to help you do it:

  • Unique personalized workout routines
  • Moves that gain maximum results in minimum time
  • Coaching on positive, permanent lifestyle changes
  • Health/wellness education
  • Learn how to “DO IT RIGHT” and prevent injury
  • Nonstop motivation and empowerment!

Our studio offers private, partner, and group sessions in 30 minute and 60 minute increments. (Private sessions are One-On-One training. Partner sessions are limited to Two-On-One training. Group sessions accommodate three to six clients.)

One-On-One 60

One-On-One 30


60 Minute Group Sessions*

3 sessions ~ $255

6 sessions ~ $480

9 sessions ~ $675

12 sessions ~ $840

* Actual pricing paid per person will be split equally between entire group (3-6 people).

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